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Pirates and Thorazine

by Mark Abbott on January 5, 2006

Eva: What do pirates say?

Mark: They say "arrr", "booty", and "avast".

Eva: Why?

Mark: Pirates have their own special words.

Eva: Why?

Mark: All jobs have their own words. Like, doctors use special words like "stethoscope", "IV", "Thorazine", and "stat".

Becca: How do you know what Thorazine is?

Mark: I know lots of things. Plus, I got this new album and it has a song called "Tea and Thorazine".

Eva: What's Thorazine?

Mark: It's a drug.

Eva: What's a drug?

Becca: It's a pill, a kind of medicine. But no one you know takes it.

Mark: No, Thorazine is only for very sick people.

Becca: [rolls eyes] Great, now tomorrow at school she'll be playing with a doll, saying "she needs Thorazine".