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Where have we been?

by Mark Abbott on Saturday, November 11, 2006

Apologies for the long gap since the last update. A lot of stuff has been happening. Not least of which, we moved to Cape Elizabeth (a suburb across the Fore River from Portland) in October. Since then, I've taken only a few pictures and haven't had time to select any for the website.

We like the new house and neighborhood a lot. There are an insane number of kids in the neighborhood, so Eva's happy. The commute is a bit of a bummer: crossing the bridge only adds another ten or so minutes each way, but it gets old. Also, we lose power with alarming frequency (three times in our first six weeks). I think we lost power twice in three years in Portland.

More pictures will be posted soon. For now, I have updated the September 17 album (Joanna and Libby's wedding) to include photos taken by two other guests at the wedding, Jo Ayers and Juris Zagarins.