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I'm cute, now give me some pizza

by Mark Abbott on January 8, 2007

The morning show on a local radio station has an ongoing feature where they ask kids to write a letter about "why I love my teacher". If they choose your letter to be read on the air, your class gets a pizza party (hosted by the three DJs themselves -- got to love local radio).

Eva's friend Mia wrote such a letter, and a pizza party quickly ensued. They interviewed the kids on the same topic (loving their teachers, not pizza parties), and played their responses on the air. Eva was widely considered to be the star of this. Not only did her quotes open and close the segment, but after they played the segment, the DJs mentioned her by name. (Mainly this was because one of the DJs is also named Eva.)


Eva's lines are "If a kid cries at naptime..." and "If something's bothering me...".