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Noah's first sentences

by Mark Abbott on Sunday, April 27, 2008

One measure of cognitive development is sentence length: how many words a toddler uses in a sentence. So of course I made a mental note whenever Noah extended his sentence length: when he first used a sentence of three words, then of four, etc. Then, of course, I forgot; so I can't tell you what his first three-word sentence was or when he said it.

Here's what I know:

Four words was a few weeks ago: "Mommy eat yummy doughnut."

Five words: I don't remember.

Six words: On Saturday, we were at the toy store, and Noah was excited to see the train table, exclaiming: "I have choo-choo train my house."

Seven words: Today we were reading a book called "I Touch". The first page reads "I touch my bear." Noah said "I touch my bear in my room," and then insisted on going up to his room to get his bear. (Maybe this one shouldn't count, since he was repeating back most of it.)

Those last two are pretty ego-centric, with five of thirteen words being "I" or "my".

This all probably sounds like I'm bragging about Noah's extraordinary vocal prowess. It's not extraordinary -- it's actually totally normal -- but I find it interesting all the same

Update, May 4: Eight words: "I got my fire truck and my schoolbus." Currently obsessed with trucks.