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Life with Eva is a drawing room comedy

by Mark Abbott on Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scene 1: Upstairs, Eva and mom.

Eva: I think dad is making crepes.

Mom: Mmmm, crepes sound good!

Scene 2: Downstairs, Eva and dad.

Eva: What's for breakfast?

Dad: You can have toast or cereal.

Eva: It's a snow day! Can't we have fancy breakfast?

Dad: It's a work day for me; I don't have time to make fancy breakfast... Well, I could make french toast.

Eva: No.

Dad: You're refusing french toast?!

Eva: Mom said we could have crepes!

Dad (annoyed at mom): Well then, mom can make them!

Scene 3: Upstairs, Eva and mom.

Eva: Dad said you would make crepes.

Mom (annoyed at dad): What the?

Scene 4: Upstairs, mom and dad.

Mom: Eva said you said I would make crepes?

Dad: No, I said you *could* make them, because you told her we could have crepes!

Mom: I didn't say we could have crepes -- I said "crepes sound good!"

Dad and mom: Eva!