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Hello, I would like to renew my subscription to Bad Dad magazine

by Mark Abbott on Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Eva lost the cap for her self-inking stamp, and got frantic trying to find it, because she didn't want it to dry out. I suggested that she check whether it had rolled under the sofa. A few moments later, I heard her exclaim, with amazing calm but with that edge to her voice that instantly tells a parent a child has been hurt:

"Dad! I think someone left some snapping gum under there!"

She had gotten snapped by a mousetrap! Worse, it was one I put under the sofa weeks ago after we saw a mouse in the basement, then totally forgot about. I felt horrible.

She recovered pretty quickly, and I apologized profusely for being so careless. I did have to let her rant for a while about how "mousetraps are evil!" Here are some excerpts, as best I can remember it.

"Dad, mousetraps are evil! Dad, think what would happen if the last mouse got killed in a trap. Think about it! The corn fields would just grow and grow, they would get overgrown and there would be way too much food for everyone!

"The bakers would be making so much pastry, just pastry pastry pastry, because of all the wheat, and they still wouldn't be able to use it all! There would just be mounds of it!

"Mind you, there would be lots of yummy food."