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Cape Cod, Saturday in Maine. (22 photos)

These photos cover two great weekends. On July 23-25, we took a long weekend and went to the Cape. We saw my folks and sister Joanna, and Margaret Guire, whom we hadn't seen in two years.

The following weekend was a hot, humid one in Portland. We spent much of the weekend in Deering Oaks Park, at the water fountain playground with a lot of happy, splashing kids. Eva was in a mood like I've never seen before, very happy, talking constantly, and running around. On Saturday, she didn't take a nap and ran us completely ragged. In the evening we hung out with our neighbors in our front yard while Zack, who was fascinated with my manual mower, mowed our entire front lawn without once running over the sunbathing cats. By the time she was done running through the sprinkler, Eva had completely exhausted herself. She fell asleep during dinner and slept nearly 14 hours. (Usually she sleeps 10 at most.)