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The summer ends: Portland, Williamstown, Chatham, Portland. (27 photos)

We spent a wonderful day at the home of Tony Owens, one of Becca's colleagues. He has a huge garden, and showed Eva where many different kinds of fruits and vegetables come from. We also checked out a small beach across the street from his house.

The next Friday, Grandma Ellen arrived for a week-long visit. The first weekend, we drove to the Berkshires, to visit Rebecca, Dave, and Owen Tucker Smith in Williamstown. We continued on to Chatham, New York, to visit Becca's uncle Harold and aunt Connie for a couple of days. Tennis, nature walks, swimming, and sheep's milk cheese were had by all. On Sunday, we drove to Boston to pick up grand-grandma (GG) Virginia at the airport.

Virginia and Ellen spent a fun week with Eva, including many trips to the park, Children's Museum, and an ice cream stand/petting zoo (?) called "Toots". I was out of town for the first few days of the visit, on a business trip in North Dakota, but got to join in for the last half of the week.