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Cape Cod, Portland. (23 photos)

Our neighbors, the Coopers, joined us at the Cape for a weekend. It felt a bit silly to drive three hours to hang out with your own neighbors, but it was a lot of fun.

A few weeks later, we had a chance to see the Sea Dogs win the league playoffs. We're not sports fans, but it was a great night. For one thing, we had gotten box seats through a friend of a friend. There were three families with kids. Slugger, the Sea Dogs' mascot, stopped by the box. For the kids, however, this was not as exciting as the fact that there was a TV in the box. One dad: "No, you cannot watch TV. There is Real Life out there [pointing] -- watch that." Eventually we relented and the kids watched the Cartoon Network while the grownups watched the game. Once most of the kids had left, the remaining men turned on a football game and divided their time between TV and Real Life.