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Turks and Caicos. (73 photos)

For us, an important pre-condition of living in Maine is our winter vacation. We like to schedule it late in the winter, so we have something to look forward to. This year, we went abroad for the first time since our honeymoon, to Turks and Caicos. Ellen (California Grandma) joined us for a week of sitting on the beach, Scrabble, and napping.

Noah was sick for most of the week, stringing together two or three low-grade illnesses in a row. He could only handle an hour or so of the beach at a time, and he didn't sleep well, but other than that he did fine.

In the middle of the week, three of us went on a morning excursion to a reef and two nearby islands. Ellen and Mark got to snorkel, and Eva got to collect all the shells we could carry.