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December. (44 photos)

The usual: snow, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

Here are some comments from my mom's post-Christmas email:

"I have a few special moments hard-wired to my brain; Hearing Noah shout in glee over the sponges from Santa, Mia and Eva frequently hugging, Mark and JOYA taking a family picture, Rocko bounding onto our bed with kisses, the 4 grandkids watching Charlie Brown Christmas, 3 kids on the floor so Noah could have the whole sofa sound asleep, Sam listening to his new CDs, the grandkids taking turns trying out the new sled, Libby and Noah sharing breakfast at the kids table, Sam and Hilt putting the flashlight kit together, reading in bed to Eva, Mark and Noah at the piano, Mia holding up the pink fabric, Eva making bead necklaces for the dogs, Gram's face when she saw that all of you were here, BB curled up in the postal box, Becca assembling pear salads, Chris leading the discussion on family "medical" histories, etc etc"

"Thank you again for a special Christmas...."

The series of photos near the end were all taken by Eva, who went around with my camera taking preposterously close-up portraits.