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During my five years of involvement with the DQ of Amherst College, I wrote about a dozen arrangements. I have studio recordings of about half, and scores for just a few.


When I was actually in the DQ, it was an all-male group. Three of my arrangements made it onto the one studio album during this time: Autumn Leaves, Skylark, and Reflex.


The year after I graduated, the group went co-ed. I was still in Amherst, working as the assistant choral director. So I wrote three arrangements for the group; all three were later recorded.


"Four" is one of my favorite examples of "vocalese": writing lyrics to fit an improvised melody. The original improvisations are by Miles Davis and Horace Silver from the Davis album Blue Haze; the lyric is by Jon Hendricks.

Fixin' a Hole

This was a "proof of concept" arrangement, written and initially performed when the group was still all male, with the Bluestockings singing the upper voices.

Rubber Duckie

The last a cappella arrangement I ever wrote, and the first I wrote without referencing an existing recording.