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I am too busy and cheap to get an MBA. But I am interested in the subject matter. When I was thinking about the best way to learn this material, I remembered two important facts:

So I am (slowly) working my way through the readings for the MBA core curriculum and undergrad core curriculum, or at least as many of them as I can obtain through the USM library system.


Author Title Begun Finished
MBA: Communication for Managers (OCW)
Munter, Mary Guide to Managerial Communication 2004-04 2004-05
Cialdini, Robert Influence: the psychology of persuasion 2004-05 2004-06
Undergrad: Microeconomics (OCW)
Varian, Hal (OR Pindyck and Rubinfeld OR Mankiw) Microeconomic Analysis 2004-07
Undergrad: Macroeconomics (OCW)
Blanchard, Olivier Macroeconomics To be requested