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My mom makes quilts. She has made wedding quilts for my sister and me, and a number of baby quilts.

One day, Eva and I were looking at her alphabet quilt. The conversation went like this:

What color is the letter G? Purple. What letter does 'purple' start with? P. What color is the letter P?

And so forth.

I got the idea to design a quilt that was also a puzzle of this sort. Of course, I ended up writing a Perl script to generate the quilts automatically. Eventually, I modified it to output the quilts in HTML format. Here are some examples:

3x3 4x4
one one
two two
three three

NB: I just discovered these do not work under Internet Explorer. I'll figure out why when I have a chance. In the meantime, they should work with other browsers, like Firefox or Safari.

Rather than explaining the rules of the puzzle, you can figure them out yourself by clicking the squares. Clicking a square should select it (change its color to gray). The object is to select all the squares, and if you succeed, a message will pop up saying "congratulations".